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Where to get gear
13 Sep, 2016. 0 Comments. Gear. Posted By: David Wolters

Welcome to our website! We get it, if you are new to sailing this can all be very overwhelming and intimidating. As parents of sailors, we can relate and remember when it was all new to us too. Rest assured, it is easier than you think and is actually a lot of fun! If there is one thing about sailors it is this: they are a helpful bunch and very quick to share knowledge.

One of the most common questions we get from parents new to the team is “where do I get the gear my kid needs?” So we put together this post to give some help. You’ll find that you can use a combination of  merchants in the Grand Haven/Spring Lake area and online retailers.


There are no local retailers that sell drysuits. Occasionally people let me know when they are selling their student’s drysuit and I will pass that information on by email. You may also be able to find them on CraigsList or eBay. For online retailers we recommend the below. Be sure to ask if they offer a scholastic discount, many do.

Crowleys: www.crowleys.com
Annapolis Performance Sailing: www.apsltd.com

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David Wolters David is a marketing professional and entrepreneur based in Spring Lake, Michigan. Since 2010 his tireless volunteer work with the team introduces kids to the sport of sailing by providing opportunity for students of Spring Lake High School to compete in events around the Midwest.

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